“Tugger the Tiger’s” Jungle Adventure

Both an inside, and an outside maze; the “Tugger The Tiger” Inflatable Obstacle Course is great for any type of kids party, family or carnival event as it accommodates a few hundred children per hour.

Kids must curl their way through the inside of the maze to find Tugger the Lost Tiger. Even when Tugger is found the quest is not over, because even when they’re out they are still in the middle.


These junior explorers must still find their way back through hanging vines, snakes, falling hammers and a pecking giraffe to finally reach the exit.


Inflatable Rental Details:


– Enclosed & External obstacle course
– Child Window-Ports
– Multiple Entrance/Exits
– Single-level course
– Secured floor & safety wall
– 30′ x 30′ flat ground required

We are fully approved, permitted and 

regularly inspected by the