Can smash

Everyone has seen this carnival game! Simply Knock ’em down. A player throws 1 of 3 safe bean bags to try and knock all 6 cans off the pedestal.

Ring toss

This is one of the oldest carnival games created…and it’s STILL an all time favorite among many. Take turns and try your best to ring one of the target colors rows.

potty toss

Players stand a foul line distance away and tosses wiffle balls (one at a time) to try to sink them inside the lid of the Potty. Trust us, this is completely sanitary (lol).

troll toss

Hit any three and win! A player gets three (3) chances to try and hit any of the troll targets to knock them over. Get creative! Use the top row for one prize and the bottom row for another prize. This carnival game is very versatile.

Say Ahh Golf

Can you score a hole in one? Each player putts their golf ball up the green, aiming for the cup at the center. Set the level of golfing difficulty by putting at different locations on the green.

Gopher Golf

This carnival game rental is similar to the previous game, except with a gopher theme. Again each player aims for the cup at the center of the upper green, using different difficulty settings.

The Bomb Football

Your kids or guests can hone their passing skills by throwing the footballs through the hole to the receiver. Your players can attempt to score a virtual touchdown, but watch out for pass interference!

No Brainer Baseball

Strike him out! If your guests are not into football they can perfect their pitching skills by throwing colored balls through the catcher’s mitt hole. Renting this carnival game is a no brainer!

Pop a Pimple

This is a hilariously enjoyable game for guests young and old. How many pimples can you pop? You have up to 3 dart throws to land a dart on one of the pink pimples and you win…eww! Kids love this game!

Elephant Toss

A simple but challenging game, “elephant toss” asks players to toss large rubber rings in an attempt to ring the elephant’s 3D plastic molded nose. Make sure you’re a fair distance away. No cheating!


This rental is great for the those who love to test their steady hands and strong nerve. Just guide the loop over a twisted wire without touching it. Simple right? If you do touch the wire, the bell rings and…you lose! Are you or your party up for the challenge?