Bungee Basketball

This inflatable game is one of our top rentals. Not only is this a fun Bungee Run unit but it’s also a game of basketball with a bungee cord resistance. Two players go at the same time. They will run towards the basketball hoop to shoot a basket before the bungee cord stops them and starts to pull them back.. The one that makes a basket WINS!

Wrecking Ball 2

It’s the ultimate high energy game. 4 players climb atop their inflatable pads. One of the players grabs the soft “WRECKING BALL” and hurls it at their opponent in an attempt to knock them off their inflated pad. As the Wrecking ball swings back, try and grab it and now it is your turn to try and knock someone off their pad… Last player standing wins!

Inflatable Velcro Sticky Wall

“The inflatable that started it all” is a sure winner at any event. Our Sticky Wall features a long running lane so the participant can really get some “air” after launching from our exclusive bubble bumper.

Inflatable Bouncer Boxing Ring

Who’ll be the next Big-Glove Boxing Champ of the world? Contenders “duke it out” in an inflatable boxing ring while wearing super-safe jumbo boxing gloves and headgear – just like the pro’s.

Mini Allstar inflatable Basketball Game

An attraction for all ages. Let them get a jump on heading to the NBA! Play it any way you like it. Beat your own best scores, race against a component, limit the number of chances, or even make them shoot backwards!

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