Popcorn Machine for Rent

Our popcorn is better tasting than what’s offered at movie theaters. Treat your guests to this delicious warm, buttery flavored snack. This machine produces theater style popcorn great for family events, block parties and corporate events! (more…)


Cotton Candy Machine for Rent

Most people say this machine is their favorite because it gives the feeling of being at a real old fashioned carnival.

This quick and easy food machine can make up to 10 cones per minute. Children and adults can both enjoy this specialty treat! Just choose your flavor and the machine does the rest. (more…)


Trackless Train for Rent

The Trackless Train helps get any special event chuggin’on the right track.

Ultra realistic; our trackless train attracts willing passengers with its bright festive colors, and since it’s “trackless” our train is free to travel anywhere within your outdoor area.

This nice & safe tram car ride is great for parties, company picnics, fairs and carnivals. (more…)


“Tugger the Tiger’s” Jungle Adventure for Rent

Both an inside, and an outside maze; the “Tugger The Tiger” Inflatable Obstacle Course is great for any type of kids party, family or carnival event as it accommodates a few hundred children per hour.

Kids must curl their way through the inside of the maze to find Tugger the Lost Tiger. Even when Tugger is found the quest is not over, because even when they’re out they are still in the middle.

These junior explorers must still find their way back through hanging vines, snakes, falling hammers and a pecking giraffe to finally reach the exit. (more…)


Inflatable Bouncer Boxing Ring for Rent

Who’ll be the next Big-Glove Boxing Champ of the world? Contenders “duke it out” in an inflatable boxing ring while wearing super-safe jumbo boxing gloves and headgear – just like the pro’s.

The ring has a deep bouncer “canvas”, four air-filled corner posts, and netting on all sides to provide safety and still allow spectators to feel like they have ringside seats! The rental can also be used as a Moonwalk/moonbounce. (more…)


Carnival Dunk Tank for Rent

Don’t let your next party go without playing this favorite outdoor crowd pleaser!

Take aim, throw the balls at the target and when you hit the bulls eye, watch your victim plunge into the water soaking wet. Remember to remove all your valuables before volunteering for this game.

Our carnival dunk tank is a great ready-made game. (more…)


Inflatable Velcro Sticky Wall for Rent

“The inflatable that started it all” is a sure winner at any event. Our Sticky Wall features a long running lane so the participant can really get some “air” after launching from our exclusive bubble bumper.

Participants wear a “sticky suit” made of Velcro, then they run towards the fully inflatable wall, bounce off of the floor, and stick to the wall! High sidewalls make sure this inflatable is completely safe. (more…)


“Combo” Blow Up Slide & Moonwalk Bouncer for Rent

It’s a bounce house. It’s an inflatable non-water slide. It’s both! This unique inflatable combines two popular rides to create one of our best and most exciting party attractions.

Children are free to bounce, climb and slide down its 6ft non-water slide, so they won’t get bored. This inflatable bounce house is most popular with children between 2-7 years of age. (more…)


5-in-1 Girl Thing Inflatable Moonwalk for Rent

We also have a 5-in-1 inflatable moonwalk/moonbounce themed just for girls, great for you if you don’t have many other activities to offer at your kids party.

This all-in-1 bounce house also offers a basketball hoop, log and pop-up obstacles, with climb and slide to give your children more things to do at your party.

It’s great for fashion-themed birthday parties and events, and/or parties just for girls. (more…)


5-in-1 Sports Inflatable Moonwalk for Rent

Taking our sports-themed inflatable to the next level, the 5-in-1 Sports moonwalk/moonbounce is great for you if you don’t have many other activities to offer at your kids party.

This all-in-1 bounce house offers a basketball hoop, log and pop-up obstacles, with climb and slide feature for a versatile party experience to keep children entertained for hours.

It’s great for sports-themed birthday parties and events, and/or parties for boys. (more…)

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